Introducing SWS container: FIRE

Pokrowiec SWS Fire

SWS Harness System meets the most rigorous standards of safety and quality. The strengths properties exceed all existing test programs requirements. Harness System of Container passed the droptest successfully at the weight of 165 kilograms and terminal velocity of 400 kilometers per hour.

That allowed us create the unique product which has no rival among world-renowned brands.

  • Flawless design

– SWS Company can be proud of its’ production as the harness systems made by SWS are considered to be among the most comfortable and strong in the world.

– In the structure of the deployment bag of the Reserve «semi pop-top» principal – semi-explosive reserve pilot chute – was applied. Such kind of gear is recognized as the most efficient in that it ensures the fastest reserve deployment and minimizes the risks related to rigging mistakes.

  • Customer focus

We aim for a deep understanding and efficient clients’ needs satisfying. The basic principle of our work is immediate response to customer’s request and absolute readiness to make concession in case of crisis.

  • Wide range of options

We have available a variety of facilities allowing us to create the unique configuration of harness and container system and satisfy the requests of the most demanding customer.

Wide assortment of options enables to get rig adapted to the specific of any discipline and sportsman’s anatomical features.

  • Innovations in related areas

Wide experience in development of rigs allows us perform the full range of tasks on creation of special projects.

  • Complete systems ready to jump

We offer to buy the complete rig releasing you from tiresome ordering process at different suppliers. We are delighted to help you choose the optimized set and assemble the rig in the shortest time.

  • Competitive price

All Fire come standard with :

  • Collapsable main PC
  • main bridle and d-bag
  • main risers with pin-toggles
  • cutaway handle
  • metal reserve D-ring
  • reserve PC
  • reserve bridle and d-bag
  • reserve toggles
  • harness with 2 rings (hips)
  • container 


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