The instructor is properly licenced and this licence includes Third Party Liability insurance which covers him/her and his/hers passenger in the case of negligence.  Therefore in the case of any injury that would require medical attention the passenger would cover the costs until responsibility is established.  If the passenger requires additional coverage they can become a member of Federación Andaluza de Deportes Aéreos (FEADA) for an additional cost.


All solo skydivers (incl. students) must declare the necessary documents before making skydiving activity at Skydive Spain showing sufficient insurance to cover any medical costs or similar and the mandatory Third Party Liability cover.  EU members are reminded that European Health Insurance Card may not cover all medical costs and does not cover any long term medical or repatriation costs. 

All experienced skydivers who are members of a national association or federation, please double check if third party liability insurance is included in the coverage (incl. Spain) and bring the according documents upon arrival at the DZ.  If there is any doubt over coverage from an insurance policy in any respect Skydive Spain will require the skydiver to purchase a valid insurance..

Some travel insurance companies may provide this liability insurance, but please ask them specifically for a written confirmation. Besides the DZ mandatory third party liability insurance, we highly recommend as well the coverage for personal accident. If you are a citizen of an EU country please make sure you bring your European Health Insurance Card. This card will be accepted in all the hospitals for minor injuries whilst on holiday but not necessarily all skydiving injuries and not for any serious injuries.  

You must bear in mind that any hospital bills will be expected to be paid and that you will then claim the money back from the insurance company.  Make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and methods of claims.


For example, if you accidentally landed on someone’s car the insurers would be responsible for paying for repairs. Or if you accidentally injure another person as you are coming into land your parachute, the insurers would be responsible to cover their medical bills.


Although statistics prove that skydiving is not likely as high risk as some non-skydivers may perceive, it can never be entirely risk-free, as with any action sport. The risk is greatly reduced by strict operational procedures but can never be entirely eliminated. Skydivers must therefore voluntarily accept an element of risk, which is prudent to always insure against.


When travelling within Europe, it’s a good idea to get a Form EHIC – free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment in most European countries. Remember that the EHIC is intended to cover illness and emergency medical treatment. It doesn’t cover repatriation to your country if you have a serious skydiving accident and it doesn’t give longer-term cover after the immediate emergency is over – when things can get very pricey.  An EHIC is good to have and can help you out but don’t depend on it to the exclusion of a proper insurance policy.

Click EHIC details for more info.


By default, Skydive Atmosfera collaborates with HESTIA insurance company and will issue it online upon arrival. All our AFF course student will be covered by this Third Party insurance. Its valid all year and worldwide.

The Hestia Insurance at Skydive Atmosfera is 60 per year.

We hope you will never need to call on your insurance. But, unless you have the strength of an insurance policy around you, you could find yourself, and your nearest and dearest without adequate protection. 

If you are not in the possession of a valid third party liability insurance for skydiving, you will have to sign up for our local FEADA insurance, which is provided through the Federación Andaluza de Deportes Aéreos. Bear in mind, that this insurance is valid ONLY IN SPAIN.

If you require our Spanish FEADA insurance, please tell us in advance upon booking.

Spanish Feada Insurance (third party, limited personal accident and health) for 2021:

  • 1 month (max. date of 31 Dec): 92€
  • 3 months (max. date of 31 Dec): 104€
  • 6 months (max. date of 31 Dec): 159€
  • year until 31 Dec: 190,50€ (no matter what date you take it out)