Incredible skydiving in Spain time this Autumn!

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skydiving in spain

Skydiving jumps every day is no surprise now 😉

We have been jumping all day long everyday since the beginning of September. Surprisingly not a single day of bad weather, nor winds, not other obstacles. Everyone could do 35-40 jumps within 10 days stay with no problem. New AFF graduates and license holders, meeting old friends from all Europe, enjoy Polish-Spanish home made cuisine and relaxing by the pool.. What else to expect from your perfect skydiving holidays 😉

As the Dropzone operates everyday, the Baza Skydive Atmosfera, where we do ground school and enjoy the pleasant stay, is operating within long skydiving terms. We are about to finish the first one, after hot summer holidays, with a lot of happy Atmosfera club members, new friends and fun with old ones. The next available dates, when you can book your slot either for AFF Course as well as just staying around is between 25.10 and 30.11.

Don’t hesitate and join us, you won’t regret it! Bring your girlfriend or friends! When you skydive, they can go sightseeing Seville or just lazy around the our nice private pool enjoying total privacy and our great hospitality. The Christmass Boogie dates are also available, we will be open from 26.12 till 2.01.2018 if there is a group of at least 4 people on the house.

Write to  to get the prices and book your slot right away 🙂



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