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    Proudly presenting - Perfectly tailored made full gear with colours and design you like! #sws #fire2 #container #jojowings #sonic_canopy #cypres2 #aad with completation, packjob and even check jump - and all included around 6000€. Couldn’t be better! #crazy4skydiveatmosferashop #skydive_atmosfera_state_of_mind - Trust the instructor, not a dealer.👌🔥🪂🖖thank you John! Enjoy your canopy and hundreds of safe #funjumps! ...

    29 1

    End of season 2007 orange cake made by our dear Oliwia. Some of this antique photos brings sweet memories of how it all was starting, of how many great people we were lucky to meet and themselves between each other making lifetime friends, and bring us joy and positive energy, and good vibes. Thank you all for all those years of bringing smile and happiness to your faces! This is the best motivation to try harder and against all odds strive ahead! 👏👏🪂🇪🇸🌴💓🎉🍾✌️🤞💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️🍀 ...

    34 2

    HotAirBalloon Atmosfera Team, ou yeah! 🎈🪂🌴😎🇪🇸✌️💪🍾🥂 #hotairballoon #skydive #seville #atmosfera_state_of_mind. Perfect organisation a - z! ...

    42 2

    Last minute breaking news - Mate, you are climbing in or out, decide yourself!
    #bestfriends #funjump #skydive #skydivesevilla , #skydivespain #skydiveatmosfera #15000ft
    Just sit and fly, or fly and sit or whatever 🤣🤣🤣🌴🇪🇸🪂🔥☀️🎉

    55 0

    YES! Another epic #hotair_balloon_skydive in perfect weather conditions and beautiful landscapes of Aljarafe 😃🎈🎊☀️🎉🪂🇪🇸🌴and passengers. And after - nice breakfast together and #bautism with🍾 Capitan Cava to celebrate the flight and jumps :D. #skydive_atmosfera_state_of_mind 😎🔥🍀🌴🇪🇸💪☀️#skydive #balloons #skydiver #skydivers #vacationinspain #sevilla_turismo. Algo para toda la familia! Join us for the next flight very soon! ...

    42 0

    BIG congratulations to Aneta for her #introskydive jump! This is the way we do it! Forget the tandemjump and being a sack of potatoes. Jump by yourself with you own rig and land on your feet, this is the challenge! #intro_skydive #skydive #atmosferaspain #holidaysinspain #atmosfera_state_of_mind.

    57 2

    Welcome back Joanna! Travelling from quite a few more or less useless tandemjumps to the awesome #affcourse, now after solo jumps and coaching, heading towards her #skydiver_licence #uspa 💪. Sometimes some fragile or sensitive personalities find it more difficult to fight their own fears, superstitions or even marks from experiences in the past. Each #skydive is a big step ahead to grow and the best medicine is to have #fun and enjoy good company in the air and on the ground. Big congratulations and good luck! Thank you Joanna for choosing us! 🤩😎👏🎉🌴🪂🇪🇸🔥💪💕🥀🍀💪💐 Lot’s of safe funjumps and enjoy your stay! ...

    40 0

    Welcome two brand new #skydivers - Piotr and Mirek just finished their #affcourse at #skydiveatmosfera 👏👏👏🪂🪂🪂🌴🇪🇸😎👏🔥🥳. We wish you a lot of safe funjumps al ober the world! Now for the #B _licence #uspa 💪💪💪🍀🍀🍀🛫. Don’t let covid ruin your vacation! With protection and common sense we will fight it together 🔥☀️😷💪🖖 ...

    29 3
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