Basic Information:

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We fly in the Aznalcollar area, about 30 min drive from the Dropzone.

For each load we need 6 skydivers and 6 passengers. There may be more passengers, but not more skydivers. The balloon needs weight to manouvre to land. So skydivers with accompanying persons have a kind of priority if there is more than 6 people willing to jump.

The Outline Of The Adventure

This is the usual meeting point, at 7.00 in the morning:

Restaurant Venta Pazo:

 The take off spot is being determined on the day, according to weather conditions. There are 2 Venta Pazo’s in Sanlucar, so please make sure you are in the correct one.

From the meeting point we go by cars (or you can choose to go by our bus) to the take off point. While the staff inflates the balloon, you will receive briefing from our jump master. After the jump we pick you up and we go back to the Restaurant where we invite you to a nice breakfast.


The price is 165 euro per person. If the weather doesn’t permit to fly, it has practically lifetime validity, you can choose any other available date that suits you. If in such case if you want „money back no questions asked”,  it’s 185 euro per person.

General Conditions

Skydiving licence B is required, as well as some experience with off landings. If you don’t have a licence our jump master can let you jump after he sees your landing. So you need to be on the dropzone at least 1-2 days before the balloon jump. You need to have a valid Third Party Responsibility Civil insurance. If you don’t have one, let us know before we can issue it for you the day before too. All passengers and skydivers must sign a disclaimer, which will be given to you printed on the spot. There is a #jump balloon stamp so bring your logbook :).

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