Here you will find all the details, prices and conditions of hot-air balloon skydive adventure, as well as the info how to apply and book for the adventure.

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The Outline Of The Adventure

The Place of the Adventure

  • We fly in the Aznalcollar area, about 30 min drive from the Skydive Spain Dropzone. 
  • For each load we need 6 skydivers and 6 passengers. There may be more passengers, but no more skydivers. The balloon needs weight to manouvre to land. Skydivers with accompanying persons have kind of a priority if there is more than 6 people willing to jump.
  • The altitude of the jump depends on the weather conditions. Usually we jump from 4000-7000 ft.
  • This is the usual meeting point, at 7.00-7.30 in the morning: Restaurant Venta Pazo: There are 2 Venta Pazo’s in Sanlucar, so please make sure you are in the correct one. The day before the flight we will confirm the final meeting point.
  • From the meeting point we go by cars to the take off point. While the staff inflates the balloon, you will receive briefing from the pilot. Then we fly to the altitude and jump one by one or 2-ways. After the jump the staff pick you up and we go back to the restaurant, where we invite you to a nice breakfast.

Prices and Conditions

  • The price is non refundable 165 euro per skydiver. If the weather doesn’t permit to fly, it has practically lifetime validity (until the company an we exist), you can choose any other available date that suits you. Also you can give or sell the slot to another person.
  • If you cancel less than 72 hrs before the flight or don’t show up the jump/flight is considered done.
  • Although we count with highly qualified pilots, study thoroughly the weather forecast and conditions on the spot, in a very rare case a situation might happen that unexpected conditions appear and it may be too dangerous to jump. In this case your load must be postponed.
  • Skydiving licence B is required, as well as some experience with off landings. If you don’t have a licence, but you think you have enough experience, please contact us.
  • You need to have a valid Third Party Responsibility Civil insurance. If you don’t have one, let us know before we can issue it for you the day before too.
  • We send the very last confirmation and final details about 72 hrs days before the flight.
  • For safety reasons during the jump you need to have your mobile phone fully charged with you for the communication with the car driver, so we can find you easily and pick you up.
  • WhatsApp with shared location option switched ON is highly recommended. Before the flight we will send you the driver´s mobile number to add and share location.
  • Normal skydiving outfit like helmet, jumpsuit, altimeter is recommended. Should you have some outfit fancy ideas, flags, floating devices, teddy bears ideas, please contact us ahead of the jump.
  • Skydivers with C licence can bring their videos cameras for skydiving. No camera is allowed on any skydive below C licence.
  • All passengers can carry video cameras, mobile phones etc. We recommend to passengers to wear comfortable clothing and sport shoes.
  • There is a #jumpballoon stamp available so bring your logbook 🙂

3 steps how to register:

  • Fill out the event registration form here
  • Receive the confirmation of the availability of the slot.
  • Fill out our club registration e-waiver
  • Make the payment to confirm your booking.

Options to make the payment:

  1. Make Bizum to phone nº: Urszula Kucharczyk 0034 638 919 628
  2. Bank transfer to: Club Atmosfera

       ES1000493280172114001484 BIC/SWIFT: BSCHESMM

as concept only your name last name and number of slots.

  1. PayPal to: –> VERY IMPORTANT: The one and only accepted option: send money to a FRIEND (no PP commission, we need full price). If you don’t use this option we will send your money back to you and you may loose the slot. If you cannot use option FRIEND with Paypal, use another payment method please.
  2. Use Wise, if you don’t have an account in euro: this is a link to free transaction:
  3. If we can meet at the DZ the time you want to make your booking, we accept cash.

Please send confirmation. Thank you!

Enjoy your flight!

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