Hop’n’pop jump aff and landing practices

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Hop’n’pop jump to finish off AFF course and onto the FSC!

hopnpop jump aff.35

aff course hop and pop jumpWhen you finish your AFF course you might feel you need to continue progressing and at the same time feel that you are kind of left alone.

All the instructors are busy with tandems and other AFF students, experienced skydivers have their teams and can enjoy freefall together. You have no skills to fly with other people yet, but you crave to see other skydivers in the air and share this exhilarating emotions of flying.

fsc canopy control course

Here we are for you with Formation Skydiving Course, which leads you directly and smoothly to your A and B USPA licence. In one week you can make all the progress necessary to gain the skills to fly with other  skydivers belly flyiers! Personal instructor, well prepared 5 coached jumps, water training, canopy control training, landing accuracy practice, parachute packing course and licence examinations, all in one place, at a go.

skydive atmosfera funjump hulahop fsc progression course

And at unbeatable price including 7-days stay in our Spanish style mansion with swimming pool and big private garden, full board included (Photos soon) ! Find out more and book your slot. We train in English and Polish language.


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