Great time at Christmas Boogie Skydive Spain

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 What a skydive spain boogie!

skydive  spain course

skydive  course-010 christmas boogie 2014 spain-002 christmas boogie 2014 spain-003 christmas boogie 2014 spain-005 christmas boogie 2014 spain-007 christmas boogie 2014 spain-009 christmas boogie 2014 spain-010 christmas boogie 2014 spain

Beautiful scenery, amazing people and great load organising with different slots to try and lots of things to learn! Although the weather was moody a few days, we made most out of the dumping days. Over 60 loads per day is a skydive spain skydivers and staff achievement!
MASSIVE thanks to load organisers; Martijn van Dam, Adam Dare, Julia Foxwell Paul Cooper, Herman Landsman, Jack Johnson  for their outstanding jumps and of course to all the hard-working ground staff, instructors and pilots of Skydive Spain. Fantastic event, many many jumps and all maintained in a fun and safe environment. Thank you to all who attended. See you soon!
Getting involved with the load organized groups was definately the best way to get the most out of the boogie.  Video of the day at the end of each day was an awesome idea. In the meantime we welcomed new skydivers, who completes their AFF course.
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