Formation Skydiving Course (FSC), progression to USPA B licence

What is it for?

After finishing the AFF course and the consolidation jumps it is time to make some more progress in learning how to jump with other people.  This is when skydiving finally becomes real fun! But it also needs a lot of practice as formation skydiving is not only getting out of the plane together, but really takes a long way of training. To get the basics of formation skydiving and the ability to fly your slot, it helps to invest some money into a good coach instead of learning by yourself with a lot of solo jumps because inthe end you will save not only time but money as well.

Flying with other people who have not learned the right skills is dangerous and bares a lot of potential hazards. It is very important to be trained and informed by the right professionals.

Teo and Marek on their FS course with Iwan

FS Course outline

The FSC course covers the groundschool and 5 coaching jumps. Between the jumps you will be briefed and debriefed with a video analysis of your performance and with a setup of new objectives for the next skydive. You will get the videos after every jump. Your leading instructor may also assign an experienced skydiver or a coach to help you practice between the FSC course jumps.

During the course you will learn how to fly the mantis position, how to make forward and sideways movements and dock to another person, to adjust your fall rate,to keep the levels and to do turns in place without loosing your slot position.  All these skills are essential for flying with other people or to be able to take part in bigger or smaller formation skydiving.

You will get a theory introduction into the techniques of exits, freefall position, movements upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards and tracking. Furthermore your instructor will teach you how to fly sideways and how to use your whole body.  During the groundschool lectures and discussion panels you will learn the group formation safety rules, advanced equipment issues and other interesting stuff which is essential but not taught during AFF course.

During the jumps with your instructor (1- to 1), you will practice everything you learned in theory classes. The more you jump with him, the more you will be able to use the theorical knowledge during the jumps. As you will not forget what you’ve learned, this will help you in all the future jumps you do, even in the jumps without an instructor.

Packing your parachute

licence progression

During the course, you will also learn how to pack your parachute.

Also, on our Youtube channel, you can see many free videos tutorials and tips, such as packing your parachute:

Water training

And, according to the USPA requirements you will perform a safe water training.

Skydiving Licence

USPA B LICENCE is internationally recognized  level of skydiving experience, meaning you are a solo skydiver, not a student anymore. You still may ask your instructor an advise, and you are strongly recommended to do it, however it’s time to make your own decisions in many aspects of this sport.

See the article about so called “dive to pin”.

Watch the movie from one of the normal coaching FSC jumps. Please choose subtitles from YT menu with comments, because they are making the movie more useful.

Take a look what are the requirements you will fullfill when applying for the USPA B skydiver licence:

B License Persons holding a USPA B license are able to exercise all privileges of an A-license holder, perform night jumps, with 100 jumps are eligible for the USPA Coach Rating, and must have-

a. obtained a USPA A license
b. completed 50 jumps including:
(1) accumulated at least 30 minutes of controlled freefall time
(2) landed within ten meters of target center on ten jumps
c. aerial performance requirements, either:
(1) demonstrated the ability to perform individual maneuvers
(left 360, right 360, backloop, left 360, right 360, backloop) in freefall in 18 seconds or less
(2) or successful completion of the planned formation(s) on ten group freefall jumps
d. documentation of live water landing training with full equipment in accordance with the procedures in the Skydiver’s Information Manual
e. passed a written exam conducted by a current USPA I, I/E, S&TA, or USPA Board member.

So start your training now! Soon you will be able to participate in formation jumps with your friends.

Accommodation and extras

Baza Skydive Atmosfera, place for skydivers and friends

Good vibes, fun and friends

Of course we don’t forget to visit beautiful Seville, Atlantic beaches and surroundings and have some fun time and meet new friends!

Download here detailed pdf with prices and links and…

Book your course today!

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