Congratulatios guys! AFF course well done!

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AFF course graduates proudly presenting their AFF certificates, Seville, Spain Dec 2018

December’s proud graduates

Many congratulations to the latest AFF course heroes: Kacper, Radek and Adam. According to their certificates they are allowed to jump from 1500 ft or less from any authorised aircraft. Now for the next step in their skydiving career: the A-licence training!

Bartek enjoying spanish sun before his jump, with his AFF instructor, our CI, Iwan Gregor.

Bartek back in the air!

With 60 jumps, but after too many years break, we welcome back our former student, Bartek, who needed complete ground school and 2 AFF refresh jumps to be allowed to skydive on his own. Here an Skydive Seville, we have all you need either for your course or your reactivation. But the good idea is not to have such a big break (in Bartek’s case – 9 years)! As we jump all year round, don’t hesitate and visit our sunny place in winter as well! For spring, get ready to the skydiving season in your country. We start SPRING SKYDIVING CAMP in the II half of February 2019! Book your slot, march is already almost full up :D! 

Dorota enjoying “almost solo” jump with her instructors Iwan and Ula.

Dorota’s INTRO after 2 tandem jumps

If you still are not sure whether would like to go for AFF course, it’s better to opt for an INTRO jump than a tandem. These sensations are really different. And – you can continue your course right away on the go!

Here is the edited video from Dorota’s skydive

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