Christmas Boogie in Spain? Yes!

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Christmas Boogie in Spain

Christmas Boogie in Spain

Christmas Boogie registration open!

The Christmas boogie (25.12.2013 – 1.01-2014) is beginning to take form as far as the coaches are booked for you:

  • Martijn Van Dam from ToraTora  ready to make all your free flying dreams come true..!
  • FS – Herman Landsman,
  • WS – Jack Johnson
  • CREW – Steve Saunders.
  • Robert Krysztofiak coaching wingsuit 1-on-1 and he has brand new wingsuits suitable for novices to try.
  • Grzegorz Kucharczyk “Iwan” AFF course for beginners with no experience
  • Bring your friends so in the meantime we can show them our skydiving world in a tandem skydive!

As always you’ll be flying to 15,000 feet every lift,  Christmas Day and New Years Eve parties. We’ll have at least 3x Dornier G92s.There’s no registration fee and you can be jumping for as little as 22 € per jump.

Contact for booking (free!),  accommodation&flight hints.

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