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We keep on going!

Ania started her AFF course, Arek and Marek are both training for their licenses. Marek is learning how to pack but our team is not forgetting about the rest and relax #afterjump or #sevillebynight, which basically means connecting intense training with happy and relaxing leisure time. When there’s no jumps, there’s also  time for other sightseeing trips.

In the meantime we welcomed Franek and Czesio which are revisiting us, together with Piotr, Mateusz, Michal, Beata, James, Krzysio and Dawid. We keep on being busy! And that’s not all of it! We keep working until the end of June and after that we will re-launch our next term from 8th of September. Last places available for AFF course in September!

Nevertheless, #skydivingsecurity is our priority! Our #parachutes are being systematically exchanged for newer and they are being revised in every packing. Every single one of them contains #AAD #Cypres device, produced by a German company Airtec. All of our skydiving accessories are new or almost new. Security and comfort and an individual approach to our skydivers is our basis as we guarantee your well being! Take a look at other’s opinions about us here 🙂

Also feel free to take a look at pictures from this years courses: The Best of 2018

We hope to welcome you soon as well! We wait for you in the air and on the ground 😀

#nietylkoskoki #skydiveatmosfera #whiszpanii #safari #hacjendaatmosfera.01.jpg

Ania in her first jump during her AFF course. Congrats!

#nietylkoskoki #skydiveatmosfera #whiszpanii #safari #hacjendaatmosfera.36.jpg

Piotr and Dawid practising exits and two people formations. First jumps after the course aren’t easy, but that’s why we have our original Formation Skydive Course, which will prepare you for A and B license.

#nietylkoskoki #skydiveatmosfera #whiszpanii #safari #hacjendaatmosfera.35.jpg

Marek’s independent exit in his exam jump. Full concentration. 😉

#nietylkoskoki #skydiveatmosfera #whiszpanii #safari #hacjendaatmosfera.08.jpg

Another worth seeing place is Gibraltar, good idea for #afterjumps or #morethanjumps and a good idea for students if the weather is not favourable.

#nietylkoskoki #skydiveatmosfera #whiszpanii #safari #hacjendaatmosfera.46.jpg

skoki i turystyka skydive atmosfera whiszpanii.info 24 maj 2018, 10-52.56.jpg

Here we have Mateusz, caught by Paparazzi and above it a shot from a night out in Seville.

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