Atmosfera Camp Autumn rocks!

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Progress and fun!

Not so long ago we started again our skydiving activity after a hot summertime, and here we are with November knocking at the door. Behind us there is an intense, everyday jumping from the 15000ft and fun #afterjumps. A lot of good energy and positive vibrations, new and old friends, trips to closer and further places, lots of new AFF students and new licences. We had also another professional FS camp Small Big Way, where we were preparing skydivers to jump larger formations practicint in  smaller formations :).

In addition to the most popular  AFF course with 10 days accommodation, the second, most often chosen is the FS Course with 7-day accommodation aiming for obtaining the solo skydiver USPA licence. The September-October camp was full of almost all possible events :D. We are also very happy that our Spanish base is more and more visited by accompanying  nonskydiving people who are always welcome. We would like to thank all our guests for participating and having fun together. We congratulate the graduates on completing the AFF course and obtaining their licenses.

We invite you to the Atmosfera Camp Winter. We anticipate sunny December and still have free slots. We cordially invite you to the Polish Base!

See below some photos from recent skydives. As always, the best photos are added chronologically to the Best of 2018 album here.

Small FS CAMP Skydive Atmosfera-001.04

FS Camp Skydive Atmosfera #fscamp

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