INTRO and AFF course price

aff course kurs aff atmosfera

AFF course price

Here you have INTRO AND AFF course price

We fly higher than anyone else, 15.000ft., this means you get more time in the air, more time to learn and practice, more time to play and more time to FLY!!! You get 15 more seconds per jump, valuable learning time much-needed in freefall.

The AFF  course price includes  theory training on the ground and seven skydives (7 Levels). On Levels 1 to 2-3 you are accompanied by two instructors and on successful completion of these skydives you will move onto Levels 4 to 7 with just one instructor. The principal objective of Level 1 is to gain a stable position during freefall, open your own parachute and get used to flying your new equipment!  During subsequent levels you will learn more skills such as 90 and 360 degree turns, back loops and tracking.


Ground School, AFF Level one, radio controlled landing, videos: 420 €

AFF course price

Ground School, Levels 1-7, goggles, 1 TB pen drive, t-shirt, logbook, videos); 2160 €. Contact us to see details what’s included. You will be surprised!

Includes also 10 days accommodation in the Hacienda Atmosfera (private swimming pool, garden, TV/DVD, WIFI gratis), continental breakfast, lunch/dinner, access to the kitchen all day long, and daily transferst to the DZ!


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