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Personalizowany AFF w słonecznej Hiszpanii - co potrzeba więcej?

AFF Intro – what for?

In this article we will explain what AFF Intro is and what is the difference between AFF Intro, a tandem jump and the entire skydiving course. You may be interested in skydiving, but you don’t know what to start from. You might already jumped in a tandem with other instructor on your back. Perhaps you didn’t like the idea that someone else has steering toggles. Or on the contrary, you want more!

AFF Intro – is it a part of the skydiving course?

To make things simple, we could say that yes, it is, but there are some differences between AFF Intro jump and a first jump during the full AFF course. Skydiving itself is a path that will require lots of time and more investment. Skydiving in not chess and it’s not a cheap sport. There is nothing we can do about it and it should not come as a surprise. In the end, the quality costs.

AFF Intro

Nevertheless many people, even if they do have the necessary means to start skydiving, will ask themselves if:

  • Am I the correct person to jump?
  • Will I not be eaten up by fear?
  • Will I enjoy it?
  • Will I get along with other people who jump?

More questions like those can be asked, but those are enough to see through the situation. The solution is some kind of less serious way of skydiving initiation, other than complete AFF course. In most cases people go for the tandem jump, which is comfortable and well advertised on many occasions. Unfortunately a tandem jump means you still remain ignorant. It lacks responsibility and understanding the principles of a skydiving jump. It’s like a commercial flight rather than a lesson with a pilot.

 AFF skydiving course is a skydiving training which leads to gaining ability to leave the plane with a parachute on your own back.

An AFF INTRO is a 1 jumps with two instructors. A product based on the AFF course training and a  noncommittal encouragement to skydive.

We believe that a tandem jump is not enough to make a decision whether to start jumping or not. It tends to be an introduction, the same as watching a movie or a trip to the drop zone, even an overheard story.

AFF Intro – Conscious decision

To take an informed decision whether to pursue skydiving activity, we first need information. That’s why an AFF INTRO includes full theoretical training and practical INTRO AFFexercises on the ground as well as  one skydive from an aircraft. Third Party one-day insurance is required as well. Knowledge, training and responsibility comes with extreme pleasure. After the first AFF INTRO jump its much easier to decide whether skydiving is appealing to you. Because emotions after a tandem jump are far different from emotions after a jump with a parachute on your own back.

Attention! The amount of emotions from jumping with a parachute on your own back may actually make it impossible to decide about the full AFF course.  It’s just like making your mind about snowboarding after the first awkward slide or a first lesson on how to drive a car, where you can barely control the steering wheel. In those cases we definitely advise to finish an AFF course! After that, you can decide whether to keep on jumping or just place the certificate in the drawer.


AFF Intro – What next?

Well, there are different options. Sometimes just one jump and emotions that come with it is enough. The feeling of fulfilled dream appears. We believe that an AFF INTRO jump is a perfect choice for those, who want to jump just this one time. Most of the time though, as we can say, the ride begins here.  Just like in any other situation in life, our attitude, motivation and correct dose of emotions decide whether we will succeed or not.

Spain, relax and emotions

If you don’t have an idea for your holiday, this may be the best option for you. Come join us in the sunny Spain! We are located in the hottest part of Europe, in Andalusia. Sightseeing, new tastes, new language – all of this can be experienced in Seville, the heart of Andalusia. Skydiving training with a real jump. Interesting and positive people from the Atmosfera Base. Fully relaxed, with a smile on your face, tanned and happy with numerous memories to look back on.


AFF Intro or a tandem jump?


AFF course is being seen as a ‘big deal’ and a tandem jump is such an easy thing. In most cases its: ‘I don’t know whether I’ll like it or not, so I’ll do a tandem jump and think about it then’

It works for most. And just like in scuba-diving there is an option, which is not binding so much like taking an entire course. That’s what an AFF INTRO is.


It consists of jumping with an instructor on the same parachute. The passenger is attached to his instructor with a special harness. Quick training before the jump, no insurance required (as it’s the place of jump and the instructor who needs to be insured, not the passenger).

For most people the tandem jump on its own is a big deal and they don’t want to take on any more pressure on themselves.  If you already performed a tandem jump and  you like to take matters in your own hands, then the AFF INTRO jump is just the right option for you.

Contact us now to see when we have the next available term. Why wait for such an adventure?

Book you INTRO AFF jump today 🙂

#AFFINTRO #INTROAFF. We also conduct AFF Intro and AFF Courses in Polish language.

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