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AFF course – the sky which makes your new playground

The AFF course is the fastest and safest way of becoming an independent skydiver. The incredible feeling of freedom, the freefall and the sensations that comes with it are hard to describe from earth. The amount of emotions and the adrenaline that comes with the AFF course can be addictive and the possibility of flying with others, creating formations in the sky provides incredible happiness and satisfaction. The AFF course may also be a great idea for holiday, escaping the day to day routine.

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Here’s an invitation for you to learn how to book a course with us!

An AFF course – the overall

An AFF course (accelerated free fall training) is the fastest way of becoming an independent skydiver. In just 2-3 days you can learn how to jump from nearly 16500ft entirely on your own.  Performing all kinds of formations, opening your parachute at 16500ft and safely landing on the ground. After an AFF course there is the possibility to learn how to jump with others and you can obtain the further USPA B license.

skok spadochronowy z hulahop

Before being able to jump out of a plane with your parachute and accompanied by your instructors, you’ll have to face a full day theoretical training accompanied by the on-ground exercises. This includes training on the suspended harness. You will be required to pass the theory exam before being allowed to jump.

In Skydive Atmosfera we will provide for you a special suit, modern skydiving gear, helmet, goggles and an altimeter, which is everything you need to jump safely.

During your first jumps you will be accompanied by two of our instructors, which will hold you by the harness of your parachute and will correct your silhouette, helping you through your freefall, until your canopy opens.

During your AFF course you will also learn how to fly your canopy, it won’t only be the freefall we will assist you with. After the opening of your canopy your instructors will guide you over the radio and will assist you controling your landing .

After your daily jumps finish instructors play videos from your jumps while revising them with you and give you useful tips on what should be improved. This is to ensure the students pass safely whilst getting the most from the training. Small classes of 2 or 3 students at a time ensure you are given all the best opportunity to learn and ask questions, making the most of your time with us.

Skydive Atmosfera will provide your theoretical AFF training where you will start to gain basic knowledge – for example how to properly pack your parachute. Nevertheless it’s not until you already performed 50 jumps the ability of packing the parachute will be checked – for your USPA B license, although it always comes in handy to learn the basics.

AFF COURSE – the summary:

The theoretical training:

·        lectures and presentations in a form of open discussion panels

·        on-ground exercises: silhouette to jump in, corrections of your silhouette, height control, preparing you for the canopy opening and working on your back muscles

·        exercises on the drop-zone: practising on the suspended harness, in the plane, correct plane exit, correct approach towards the landing on your canopy and a landing simulation

·        preparation for the jump: skydiving suit, helmet, goggles and getting used to your gear.


jumping out of a plane from nearly 16500 feet

·        level 1: skydiving jump from a plane with two instructors, getting used to the freefall, height control, independent canopy opening and landing while being directed through radio.

·        level 2: skydiving jump from a plane with two instructors, practising the turns, stabilizing a set course without holding one of the instructors, landing while being directed through radio.

·        level 3: skydiving jump from a plane with two instructors, practising to keep the set course without holding either of the instructors, landing while being directed through the radio.

·        level 4: skydiving jump from a plane with one of the instructors, practising turns without holding to your instructor, landing while being directed through radio.

·        level 5: skydiving jump from a plane with one of the instructors, independent exit from a plane, set silhouette and landing without the radio.

·        level 6: skydiving jump from a plane with one instructor, independent exit from a plane, a rolled jump and destabilization, landing without a radio.

·        level 7: independent exit from a plane, set silhouette, arrow-track position and secure landing on legs.


AFF COURSE– framework plan

Skydiving course in the polish skydiving base in Spain lasts about 7-10 days. Your course and stay with us will be planned as follows:

·       day 1: arrival

·        day 2: theory

·        day 3: theory revision, on-ground exercises and the 1st jump, AFF level 1

·        day 4: theory revision and 2 jumps, levels 2 and 3

·        day 5: theory revision and 2 or 3 jumps, levels 4 to 6

·        day 6: theory revision and 2 or 3 jumps, levels 6 to 7

·        day 7: rest day or independent jumps

·        day 8: independent jumps

·        day 9: independent jumps

·        day 10: departure

This is only a rough plan however as sometimes we cannot jump due to  a weather conditions or simply because you’d prefer to do some sightseeing. We still have a couple days as a backup. The AFF course can be finished faster than in 7 days and the remaining time can be spend on independent jumps or sightseeing in Seville. Our base is located less than an hour drive to the ocean and so many skydivers chose to have a day off on the beach in the middle of the course. The fact that our AFF course is personalised allows you to have more freedom and less pressure towards achieving your goals. Our priority is your comfort.

AFF course– accomodation:

For your AFF course to run smoothly we made sure that all you need in terms of transport and accommodation is already sorted and waiting for you. Only with us in the same price of your course, you receive 10 days of B&B accommodation in our guest house. We provide modern rooms with air conditioning and bathrooms, private garden with pool and sauna and also a patio with couches, pillows and armchairs. We also provide full access to the living room space with full HD TV and a fireplace, dining room, kitchen and even washing machine and tumble dryer. You’ll receive your own bathroom and pool towel and can request a dressing gown as well.


AFF course – goodie bag gifts, only with us!:

Your course is as comprehensive and can be fully adapted to your needs where possible! in the same price we include the transport from home to the drop zone, full year Third Party insurance and, of course, full skydiving gear for your jumps.

We also provide a bunch of nice and useful extras, completely free:

·        skydiving log

·        crazy4skydive cover for the skydiving log

·        backpack

·        handkerchief

·        key pendant with positive energy for safe jumps

·        goggle flexi vision

·        t-shirt

·        leash with cut-away

·        packing tape

·        pen drive for your videos and  pictures

Attention! only with us as an AFF student you will receive an all inclusive access to the skydive student app. More info and link here. Code for a free download will be send to your email address as soon as the booking is completed.

AFF course – terms and reservation

The dates for this years courses are already set so feel free to take that step and join us for your place on our course. We jump from nearly 15000 ft, which is the highest in Europe! Book your training now here.


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