AFF Course Progressing in Spain – Skydive Photos

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Here we are back in the air with AFF Course Progression!

Our brave students keep on going with their AFF Course in Spain. Our skydiving base in Southern Spain, Seville is very busy with its 3 Dornier aircrafts. As the only drop zone in Europe we have a privilege to skydive from 15 000 ft, almost 5000 m, every load.

Students of AFF Course can take a great advantage of this altitude! Comparing to traditional AFF Course, here they have an opportunity to free fall for more than one minute! Only at Skydive Atmosfera. Join us for English or Polish language courses all year round.

Please take a look at the nice AFF Course Progression photos we took yesterday, during a long an warm skydiving day in May. Jarek, Adrian and Wojtek as well as Diana during her Formation Skydive Course with their instructors Iwan and Tomek did about 6 jumps and still have energy to celebrate Diana’s Birthday at our facilities swimming pool.

What else should you need for your AFF Course? Just grab your slot for the II half of June or September, the places are being booked quickly now in the spring and summer time!

AFF Course Progressing in Spain

AFF Course Progressing in Spain



AFF Course Progressing in Spain


Diana is very stubborn with her neck warmer, which was totally unnecessary in May. We believe when she will see the photos,  she will quit it and show us her beautiful smile! Happy Birthday!







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