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Our latest long skydiving term is now finished! We will welcome you again from 8th of September!

A lot has happened in almost two months of everyday skydiving and activities.

The most recognisable character on this year term was with no doubt Marek Wlodarczyk, also known as Miki (photo below). He came for an AFF course, but he decided to stay longer, much longer…till the end of term! He left with A and B licenses and… 61 jumps recorded in his jump log. ‘Awesome’ – stated our instructor Ian. Apart from that, he turned out to be the life and soul of the party, initiating meet ups after the jumps, late night parties and in general providing even more positive energy.


We trained a whole new group of independent skydivers! Because you can totally achieve completing your entire AFF course on one trip! Atmosfera Skydiving Club has gained new fans and positive feedback. Thank You!




Wojtek, Mariusz and Lukasz have tested their own brand new skydiving gear, which they purchased from our store. (Feel free to seek information, measurements, ask for advice and order a complete skydiving set!)

We’ve granted a bunch of new independent skydiver licenses as well as providing packing training, water landing training and of course, practical and theoretical examinations.

We’ve been visited by people from all around Europe, from Belgium up to England, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and even from Przasnysz, Poland. Some of them invited their other halves to come along, as the weather and the pool invites to relax, they all had a great holiday in the sun.

This term we welcomed over 50 club members, whom can consider our house as their own, Spanish, home. Feel free to leave some of your belongings in the ‘time capsule’ so you can return with just a small hand luggage. Some are here 2-3 times a year, meeting up with old friends from all around Europe and getting to know new ones!

Back at base you will wake up to our BIG breakfast made by Iwan accompanied by strong black coffee, some late night merciless jumps revision but also BBQ or a drink with friends by our pool, where your comfort and privacy are a priority.

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Feel free to take a look at new updates in our THE BEST OF 2018 photo album.


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