AFF course in Spain and formation skydives autumn 2015

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Hello skydiving fans and skydivers! Good news for AFF course in Spain candidates!

aff course in spain

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Starting from September we go back to AFF course and Formation Skydives organizing. September is basically full and October is about to fill in with skydivig activities. AFF course in Spain in October is available from 3.10.2015 and the next skydiving course will start the 16.10.2015. In November we have some available slots in the 1st half of that month.

So far in August the temperatures are too high to skydive. We then take some technical break to maintenace of our guesthouse, where you can accommodate for your AFF course.

Please feel free to contact us regarding available accommodation and AFF course places from September onward. We organize courses on a daily basis, but is always better to join a group of candidates for optimal progress and fun.

Oh! and please DO contact us BEFORE you buy your flight tickets to Spain ;)!


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