AAD is good, but we should know how to use it!

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In my opinion Cypres from Airtec is most reliable AAD all over the world. But it’s just a kind of equipment, with some important terms of use. When we start our skydiving we are using AAD in student mode. That means, it’s very sensitive for the speed. We have to be very carefull, especially with stupid, agressive manouvers on low altitude. Then, we have AAD in expert mode and we think, we are not able to activate this device in normal, funny way.

But downsizing canopies is like silent ghost. We have biger, and bigger wing load. We are not thinking, that we are again on the edge of activation during our swooping. And that’s why you can use AAD in speed mode. It’s easy. It’s so simple. If we know the manual. But honestly, who nowadays has time to read manual. We are in a hurry. We have no time to collect information. And that’s why, from time to time, we can get to know about strange accidents. That bad, nasty AAD fired on back of nice and good skydiver.

From Airtec with love…

The ability to exceed the activation speeds of an AAD (automatic activation device) while under canopy is not a new issue. With canopy designs that are capable of higher speeds, higher wing loadings and in first place advanced handling skills, AAD activations while under canopy is something that should be in the forefront of people’s minds.

Please find some more infos here on our website and share them with the skydiving public to raise awareness and enhance the safety in our sport.

Thank you very much!

Blue Skies

your Airtec Team

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