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AFF completed! Congratulations Sebastian, Maciek, Adrian, Daniels, Malfoy i Krystian!

Our new skydivers can jump by themselves! As you know the AFF course is the fastest way to become a skydiver. Here in Spain we jump and conduct courses all year round. And we jump from 15000 ft every load! It means that comparing with other dropzones, you actually receive 1 minute of freefall gratis during your entire course.

Should you like to extend your summer holidays – join us in Seville. We still enjoy summer temperatures, as you can see on the pictures below, and blue skies. As each person is different we adapt the methods to your abilities to ensure the best progress. And to optimize your funds, as this is not a cheap sport 😉

We have free slots for AFF course in December, so book your holidays and make your reservations today :). The temperatures will be ideal for those who don’t like too much heat, close to 20, 25 Deg. C., could be a bit cooler when skydiving, but for this we have the perfect solution –  sauna after jumps. Here you will meet new friends from all Europe. Our courses are valid everywhere. With the course you receive a nice goodie bag and third party insurance valid worldwide.

Just no need to hesitate, just plan the dive and dive the plan 🙂

skoki w hiszpanii kurs aff skydive

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