Tandem skydive – when to book?

  When is the best time to do your first tandem skydive?

tandem skydive You might wonder what is the best time to do your tandem skydive. No worries, in Skydive Atmosfera we jump 7 days a week all-year-round. In Spain weather is either warm or … very warm. So just pick up your date that suits you and book your tandem skydive.

The September to June months are weather-stable and we operate from 9.00 am till sunset. In July and August it’s getting quite hot in the afternoon, so we jump from 8.00 until 15.00. Your tandem skydive could take place virtually everyday, but make sure you assure yourself at least half a day for the adventure.

You can contact us in English language ,  en Español or … po polsku.