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Tandem Skydive in Jerez

Tandem Skydive in Jerez

Close to the Atlantic Ocean there is a nice cosy DZ, where you can also jump in a tandem with us. Private landing area, small Cessna 206 or Pilatus go to 4000 m in 15 minutes. Then you can experience a thrill of 60 seconds freefall until smooth landing close to the hangar. Continue reading Tandem Skydive in Jerez

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Kate’s first time in a tandem skydive

tandem skydive spain-

Tandem skydive is the quickest way to try skydiving!

Congratulations to Kate  for achieving her first time in skydiving with our school!  Kate arrived from Holland with her friend, named Katherine too, who had completed her AFF course already last year, and with two friends Jack and Mateusz. Jack has already achieved his USPA coach rating and is practicing his coaching skills with Mateusz. Good luck!

Tandem skydive of Kate was filmed by three cameras so we are looking forward to see the entire movie! Stay tuned!

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Two new graduates from AFF course in Spain

aff course in spain aff_ kurs_spadochronowy_skydive_spain-024Last AFF course in Spain was completed in 6 jumps by Alek and Daniel

Congratulations to the new skydivers! AFF course in Spain is the best choice if you consider a skydiving course. Alek and Daniel arrived for one week only, and despite one windy day, completed their AFF course in Spain in 6 jumps only!

The next skydiving course is scheduled for 24th of October. So far we are very happy with perfect weather, blue skies and mild winds, with temperatures near 30 deg. C. Don’t hesitate, book your AFF today. We can adjust the training and timing to your vacation plans :)!

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Tandem jump and the weather

How the weather can affect your tandem jump?

tandem jump
We do tandem jump only in good weather conditions

Now that we have few showers after a very long and dry summer, you might be thinking how weather can affect your tandem jump booking.

All aviation activity is dependent on suitable weather conditions, of which we mostly have in southern Spain. However, weather conditions such as rain, heavy low cloud or high winds can all prevent your tandem jump going ahead. If you cannot complete your skydive due to weather conditions you will be able to arrange another date at no extra cost. You have up to 12 months from your original jump date in which to re-book your tandem jump.

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Tandem skydive – when to book?

  When is the best time to do your first tandem skydive?

tandem skydive You might wonder what is the best time to do your tandem skydive. No worries, in Skydive Atmosfera we jump 7 days a week all-year-round. In Spain weather is either warm or … very warm. So just pick up your date that suits you and book your tandem skydive.

The September to June months are weather-stable and we operate from 9.00 am till sunset. In July and August it’s getting quite hot in the afternoon, so we jump from 8.00 until 15.00. Your tandem skydive could take place virtually everyday, but make sure you assure yourself at least half a day for the adventure.

You can contact us in English language ,  en Español or … po polsku.