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Two New Basic Safety Requirements Involve Tandem Skydiving

Two New Basic Safety Requirements Involve Tandem Skydiving


At the recent USPA Board meeting March 27-29 in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Safety and Training Committee discussed several issues related to tandem skydiving safety and brought two motions to the full board for a vote. Both motions passed, creating two new Basic Safety Requirements, which are effective immediately:
• Any person making a tandem jump acting as pilot in command is required to conduct system handles checks immediately after deployment of the drogue.
• Any person making a tandem jump is not permitted to make turns greater than 90 degrees below 500 feet above the ground.
The handle check applies to all of the operation handles of any tandem system, including the reserve ripcord handle, regardless of whether or not the instructor is wearing a handcam.

Another tandem-related change from the board meeting involves the Tandem Instructor Rating Course. The Category D solo evaluation jump will be eliminated from the course. This change takes effect with the next revision of the Instructional Rating Manual, due for release in the fall.

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Two new graduates from AFF course in Spain

aff course in spain aff_ kurs_spadochronowy_skydive_spain-024Last AFF course in Spain was completed in 6 jumps by Alek and Daniel

Congratulations to the new skydivers! AFF course in Spain is the best choice if you consider a skydiving course. Alek and Daniel arrived for one week only, and despite one windy day, completed their AFF course in Spain in 6 jumps only!

The next skydiving course is scheduled for 24th of October. So far we are very happy with perfect weather, blue skies and mild winds, with temperatures near 30 deg. C. Don’t hesitate, book your AFF today. We can adjust the training and timing to your vacation plans :)!

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Tandem jump and the weather

How the weather can affect your tandem jump?

tandem jump
We do tandem jump only in good weather conditions

Now that we have few showers after a very long and dry summer, you might be thinking how weather can affect your tandem jump booking.

All aviation activity is dependent on suitable weather conditions, of which we mostly have in southern Spain. However, weather conditions such as rain, heavy low cloud or high winds can all prevent your tandem jump going ahead. If you cannot complete your skydive due to weather conditions you will be able to arrange another date at no extra cost. You have up to 12 months from your original jump date in which to re-book your tandem jump.