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September aff course at Skydive Spain

Escape from the rain – Atmosfera at Skydive Spain

Well, well… so three new students have graduated from their AFF course and can now skydive worldwide. But we don’t sleep over! Here we have two more candidates, Anna and Krzysztof from England, who enjoy their personalized AFF course in Spain.

skydive spain skydiveinspain.27-001 skydiveinspain.58-001

Skydive Atmosfera is an all year round external school operating at Skydive Spain dropzone. We run AFF courses in Polish language according to the USPA standards. We publish our own manuals, which you can buy and download here.

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Here we go again! AFF skydive in Seville, Spain!

AFF skydive course starts with lots of sunshine and good vibes!

We welcome David, Daniel and Goral on their AFF skydive course. Here we start with ground school, and plan to do first skydives tomorrow.
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AFF skydive courseWe run AFF courses on daily basis. The best idea is to join a group of 2-3 students. You can find some more information just by clicking here.


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AFF course in Spain and formation skydives autumn 2015

Hello skydiving fans and skydivers! Good news for AFF course in Spain candidates!

aff course in spain
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Starting from September we go back to AFF course and Formation Skydives organizing. September is basically full and October is about to fill in with skydivig activities. AFF course in Spain in October is available from 3.10.2015 and the next skydiving course will start the 16.10.2015. In November we have some available slots in the 1st half of that month.

So far in August the temperatures are too high to skydive. We then take some technical break to maintenace of our guesthouse, where you can accommodate for your AFF course.

Please feel free to contact us regarding available accommodation and AFF course places from September onward. We organize courses on a daily basis, but is always better to join a group of candidates for optimal progress and fun.

Oh! and please DO contact us BEFORE you buy your flight tickets to Spain ;)!


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Dangers of being a Hero

Dangers of being a Hero

Today we’d like to share with you a video, in which an experienced and renown photographer is talking about risks of flying with a camera. This is dedicated to the GoPro model, which we particularily don’t like very much, but… as Norman says, it’s not basically the equipment, but the ATTITUDE, that may be fatal.

There is a discussion regarding some photos used, but we believe it’s worth watching.

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Two New Basic Safety Requirements Involve Tandem Skydiving

Two New Basic Safety Requirements Involve Tandem Skydiving


At the recent USPA Board meeting March 27-29 in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Safety and Training Committee discussed several issues related to tandem skydiving safety and brought two motions to the full board for a vote. Both motions passed, creating two new Basic Safety Requirements, which are effective immediately:
• Any person making a tandem jump acting as pilot in command is required to conduct system handles checks immediately after deployment of the drogue.
• Any person making a tandem jump is not permitted to make turns greater than 90 degrees below 500 feet above the ground.
The handle check applies to all of the operation handles of any tandem system, including the reserve ripcord handle, regardless of whether or not the instructor is wearing a handcam.

Another tandem-related change from the board meeting involves the Tandem Instructor Rating Course. The Category D solo evaluation jump will be eliminated from the course. This change takes effect with the next revision of the Instructional Rating Manual, due for release in the fall.

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Skydive in Spain is possible all year round

AFF skydive course is here on the monthly basis

kurs aff skydiveWe are happy to be able to skydive in the best place in Europe. Currently we are hosting Zaneta and Rafal, our recent AFF course students from September, who have arrived for more knowledge. We jump every day. The progress they make is absolutely amazing. With less than 20 jumps they practice, different kind of exits, leg turns in the air, master the canopy skills and accuracy and stood up landings. We highly recommend considering visiting us every 2-4 months for a few days to ensure

Best place to skydive in Europe kurs aff skydive

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Skydiving licence? Easy in a few days time!

skydiving licence

Finished AFF and ready for your skydiving licence?

skydiving licence

In Spain we continuously train AFF course graduates to achieve their USPA skydiving licence. Whereever you come from, here in our skydiving base in southern Spain you will find all the facilities to make your progress. Skydiving licence requirements are easy to meet in Spanish sunny environment all year round. Here skydivers find daily operating dropzone centre with 2-turbine powered aircrafts to 15000 ft as well as qualified  instructors with immense experience dedicating their full time to a student. We have equipment, gears, a professional rigger and more than nice guesthouse to ensure your relax after jumps.

Water training for B skydiving licence is also much more pleasant in our swimming pool all year round ;). Yes, we agree…. in winter water is quite realistic!



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Sunny November best for aff course, not Movember ;)

aff course spain

AFF course in sunny Spain

We welcome start of warm and sunny autumn time in Spain. Piotr just finished his AFF course in 5 jumps only. Well… tunnel training preparation combined with stable psychics and doing what instructor says, gives suprisingly good results. Perfect arch from the very first jump! Before we graduated from AFF Michael, an orchestra musician from Hannover, now we move onto FS course with Kamil.

It hasn’t rained for over a month now, we actually wouldn’t mind a day off jumping free watering  in the club’s garden ;). You can see on some photos the surrounding of our skydiving club, where after the jumps you can enjoy the sunshine and relax in nice and quiet environment.

Enjoy your aff course in the sunny Spain! We jump from 15000 ft every load!

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How to start skydiving – about FSC course

how to start skydiving.53

how to start skydivingAfter you finish your AFF course, wheter you want to become a skydiving instructor or a biggest formation record holder, you have to make the next step which is a Formation Skydiving Course. This is a short course of progression towards the skydiver’s licence.  On our September FSC we welcome a group of skydivers from Poland. On the photos below you can see some exercises they practise under te guidance of their instructor Iwan.

To find out more get in touch with us. 

how to start skydiving.53


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The Health Benefits of Skydiving


skydivingThe Health Benefits of Skydiving

Skydiving is an activity most people have on their bucket lists. Many people are unaware that this activity actually has many benefits to the body. More than the adrenaline rush, this sport helps you de-stress, forget about your worries, and just enjoy life. The act of skydiving itself involves free falling from around 14,000 feet at a rate of 120 mph for a minute, and then pulling a parachute and peacefully gliding to the ground for 5 minutes.

Most of the health benefits of skydiving sport are psychological and emotional, and here is Health Fitness Revolution‘s list of how skydiving can make you healthier:

  • Stress Relief: Psychologists say inclination to try high risk activities is essential for the continuation of the human species. When you skydive, you focus on what you are doing and on nothing else. You forget all your worries and the usual distractions of life. This intense focus with the adrenaline rush makes you feel cleansed both mentally and physically.
  • Physical Benefits: It builds upper arm strength in controlling the parachute as well as the big muscle groups in the lower body for landing. Lugging skydiving gear around also burns energy and tones muscles.
  • Facing Your Fears: If you can skydive, you can do anything. Skydiving is obviously a very extreme activity. It’s also a great way to help you realize that you’re stronger than what you think you are. If you can skydive, you can do anything- including getting up in front of a large crowd and giving a speech!
  • Challenging Yourself: Once you’ve conquered skydiving, you can count on the fact that you’ll be up to any challenge anytime!
  • It Changes Your View: Like most people, you have many fears- both legitimate and overreactive. Unfortunately, these beliefs are what prevent most people from excelling in life. Once you take the “big leap”, you’ll come to the conscious realization that life isn’t as dangerous as what you’ve been taught to believe, making it much easier to achieve your goals.
  • Creating Confidence: As soon as you skydive, you’re going to notice something different about yourself. You know the feeling that you get after you’ve achieved something “big”? Well, imagine that feeling times ten. It’s almost as if you’re a new person afterward. Skydiving gives a life changing confidence boost!
  • Physical and Mental Rejeuvenation: Adrenaline is a survival mechanism, necessary for overall health. You feel excited and energetic as your body responds to the adrenaline rush. Moreover, skydivers say that this activity requires intense control over the mind. You acquire an increased awareness of the things around you when you jump off the plane.
  • Beauty Awareness: The adrenaline boost coupled with the confidence boost will give you a new perspective on the world around you- even heightening your perception of beauty!

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