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Learning to fly your canopy. Category E for licence USPA

Practice your skills under canopy! Be safe!


To be safe for yourself and for the rest of skydivers in the air we have to practice canopy skills each jump. In fact, buying the ticket means we’ve invested some money. So it’s just silly not to use this jump properly. Instead of useless spirals (they say funny, in my opinion stupid) to be faster on the groun we can go to the holding area and spend some time learning how our canopy is working. USPA with the SIM, wich is huge store of knowledge, can provide many helpful hints. Each kategory before licence A has the part describing exercices under canopy. So, why not to use this? If you’ve already paid? If you are in the air? Let’s go 😉 Continue reading Learning to fly your canopy. Category E for licence USPA

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Skydiving for beginners – Dive to pin


What is the FSC?

After AFF course you still need more training. You can jump alone from airplane but after few dozens exit you can find falling down little bit boring. So, what you need is more skydivers with you to share the emotions. But jumping with them without preparation is a great risk. To be allowed and to be able to make formations with them you need good preparation. That is FSC Formation Skydiving Course.

It’s not the same as AFF course, because you can work on new skills whenever you want. You can make some funjumps and then jump with the coach to practice new skills. But, like in AFF you have some levels for complete to pass the course. The same time you are practicing the accuracy and canopy control. After skydives you are learning how to pack your chute.  And, that’s funny thing, you have to make water training.

As you can see, this course is interesting, funny and important step on your career.

Watch the movie from one of the normal coaching FSC jumps. Please choose subtitles from YT menu with comments, because they are making the movie more useful.