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Skydiving is fun!

Skydiving Skydive Spain with Hula Hop – VIDEO

When you have more than 50 jumps, such a skydive could be a real fun! We jumped it yesterday together with our friends from England and Spain to celebrate Gavin’s 50th birthday. Of course the first step in skydiving is AFF course. Such courses we conduct on the daily basis from September to June, all year round in the sunny Spain.

skydiving with hula hop

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Women’s Vertical European Record 22-way PHOTOS

New Women’s Vertical European Record 22-way // 27.10.2015 Skydive Spain, Seville

Big congratulations to all the skydiving ladies, who trained hard to make such an achievement.  Organizers: Anna Moxnes, Amy Chmelecki and Domi Kiger. Cameramen: Jasper Van Der Meer,  Gustavo Cabana. We are proud to have our beautiful Polish representative, Olimpia. Personal congratulations to her on site ;)!

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Andrzej finished AFF course!

aff course skydiving in Spain

Another AFF course student finished in September!

Come join us for skydiving in sunny Spain! We proudly present his examination jump smiling photo. Instructor Iwan’s face shows that he is going to approve this exam, so after being so serious during the whole freefall, Andrzej let himself  smile! Congratulations and many safe jumps!

Oh… don’t forget to book your next holidays for A licencje progression ;). Stay tuned to see the video of this jump soon.

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New AFF course, massive fun

Starting of a new AFF course is always fun!

New  students anxious to clear their doubts, fun at ground school, water training for B licencje USPA and as always skydives everyday from 15000ft. Here you have some fresh photos. As you can see our swimming pool needs desperately a renovation. Should you have a great heart to be join the list of our swimming pool sponsors, we accept all donations, even as small as 5 euros. Best idea is to send money via Paypal: We are an association and appreciate your support and your name will be written on the swimming pool wall.

In the meantime have a look at the fun we are having and don’t hesitate any more to join us in sunny Spain!
skydive aff course skokiwhiszpanii-003 skydive atmosfera-001

Kings prawn  in garlic, white wine and olive oil, that’s the way we like it!
skydive atmosfera-003aff course

Andrew’s first jump in AFF course.

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Skydiving every day!

September is a perfect month for a daily skydiving in Spain!

Skydiving in Spain

We have proudly finished off two AFF courses already and today we start the third one. Warm weather with temperatures around 28-30 deg C. and mild winds with no windmills this is what we call perfect landing conditions for unexperienced skydivers.

Skydiving in Spain is possible all year round. Find out more about our courses and join us. We train in English as well.

Take a look at some fresh photos taken recently:

skydive spain 2015.01 skydive spain 2015.07 skydive spain 2015.12 skydive spain 2015.28 skydive spain 2015.49 skydive spain 2015.50 skydive spain 2015.53


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Skydive in Spain is possible all year round

AFF skydive course is here on the monthly basis

kurs aff skydiveWe are happy to be able to skydive in the best place in Europe. Currently we are hosting Zaneta and Rafal, our recent AFF course students from September, who have arrived for more knowledge. We jump every day. The progress they make is absolutely amazing. With less than 20 jumps they practice, different kind of exits, leg turns in the air, master the canopy skills and accuracy and stood up landings. We highly recommend considering visiting us every 2-4 months for a few days to ensure

Best place to skydive in Europe kurs aff skydive

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Free flying games small camp

free flying games
Freefly for small group

Highest altitude is what free flying games fans love the most!

Should you like free flying games high in the air, our skydiving centre is best for you!

The November Camp is a small group freefly workshop: sunshine, tapas, high altitude 15000ft and good vibes!

Minimum freefly level to join: being able to safely join 8way sitfly and tracking groups.
Maximum groupsize: 8 More info and registration: info@skydiveatmosfera.comRegistration closes October 31st.

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Congrats to Simon for his skydiving licence!

New skydiving licence in our school!

skydiving licence B USPAWe proudly present Simon, who just completed requirements for his USPA B licence:

  • 50 jumps
  • accuracy jumps
  • written test and practical exam
  • water training
  • parachute packing

From now on with his skydiving licence B Simon is qualified to jump as an indepent skydiver all over the world without ground instructor assistance. We provide training to all the skydving licences all-year round!
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