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pZ98JF0wTdydr6QToxNqMQVery interesting article about safety during wingsuit jumps. More or less it’s about the movie from crazy low opening – jump. Article by Jhonathan Florez.

Safety Protocol
A wingsuiter should never open directly above or in the area where other skydivers are setting up for landing. In case of a cutaway he will be falling into canopies directly below him and in case of a malfunction he could fly into someone.

The USPA dictates, Minimum opening altitudes to be:

  • All students and A-license holders — 3,000 feet AGL
  • B-, C-and D-license holders — 2,500 feet AGL


These are guidelines but in all reality, with the added complications that wingsuit provides, people should open at least a thousand feet higher than they normally would, in order to deal effectively with any malfunctions or complications.

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