Meet Ian Cashman, AFF Instructor (and his babe):

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AFF Instructor Ian Cashman

Since some time already we are very happy to welcome Mr Ian Cashman to our Atmosfera team . Ian is a BPA advanced instructor & ex examiner, AFF instructor, FS & CF coach. Lot of experience and an outstanding personal approach to our students make them love him in spite of his terrible Polish ;). But we can assure you that his English language is impeccable!

ian cashman skydive atmosfera instructor


  • 9,000+ jumps & 130+ total hours in freefall
  • Military parachute display team member/leader for 8 years
  • British army 4 way team member on two occasions (total 5 years)
  • Chief instructor in Cyprus, Netheravon & Skydive Spain
  • Participant in successful British record 100 way
  • Member of British national championships winning team at CF (rotations)
  • Member of  British national 4 way team at world cup (FS)
  • Participant in world record CF stack attempts (achieved 18)
  • 1st ever Rhine army parachute association championships pond swoop winner
  • Australian armed forces champion in 4 way & swoop accuracy
  • Member of an instructional team which taught & Jumped members of the Bahrain royal family & their bodyguards
  • Jumped & worked in many countries in the world including most of Europe, U.S.A. (Florida, California, N. Carolina & New Jersey), Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cyprus & Bahrain




As you can see skydiving is not the only Ian´s hobby. Well… nobody can deny that our instructors indeed are very brave people :)!

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Join our AFF courses in English and Polish all year round in the sunny Spain!

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