Experienced skydivers events this autumn at Skydive Spain – skydiving calendar 2016/2017

Skydive Spain skydiving calendar 2016/2017

If you have your license and some experience, Skydive Spain, the most progressive drop zone en Europe is offering some nice events, you might be interested in. Here is the overview for the upcoming autumn from Skydive Spain skydiving calendar 2016/2017 ( please contact us to confirm the given dates before booking your flight!):

03-04.09, 01-02.10, 05-06.11, 03-04.12 TrackDayz

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-18 a las 18.11.33Join the weekend for 2 full days of organised tracking dives. Coaches may vary. 10 € per person per day reg fee.
For safety reasons you must have a min. of 200 jumps and some tracking in groups experience is needed, contact us for more details and to book your slot.
If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve your tracking skills, please email us to arrange some 1-on-1 coaching.

03-07.09, 02-06.10, 06-10.11, 04-08.12 Skysaver’s Week

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-18 a las 18.13.40Come fly from Monday to Friday and enjoy discounted jump tickets!!
Normal policies apply: non-refundable, non-transferable. Can be upgraded to single jump price when outside of SkySaver Weeks.

10-11.09,  08-09.10, 12-13.11, 10-11.12 From Zero to Hero Wingsuit Wekeend

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-18 a las 18.13.06Join the weekend for 2 full days of organised wingsuit jumps from our residential WS school From Zero to Hero, lead by Éder and Robert. The coaches may vary but the goal is to have fun as group flying Wingsuits in a safe/controlled environment, explore the whole range of angle flying and break down barriers between new people to the sports and experienced flyers.

17-18.09, 29-30.10, 19-20.11, 17-18.12 Formation Weekend

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-18 a las 18.17.00A full weekend of organized formation dives with load organizers Sandra Bring & Manuel Campuzano and Ana Lazaga.
Only 10 € / person per day for registration fee.
Previous experience in formation jumps is needed, for BPA jumpers the FS1 qualification.
First event? 10-11 October, that is next weekend!
Contact us for more details and to book your slot.

24-25.09, 22-23.10, 26-27.11, 17-18.12 Beginner Active Piloting

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-18 a las 18.14.48Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger. Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions. Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of. Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings! Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible. You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

21.12.2016 – 04.01.2017 Christmas Boogie

USPA Coach and AFF Instructor Rating Courses with Marcus Laser

Are you ready to pass your skydiving knowledge as well as enthusiasm to beginners in the sport? Become a USPA AFF Instructor and work with students in the sport you love most! The USPA AFF IRC will teach you in 6 days about the USPA training concept and syllabus and get you ready for the “real” student work. Interested in more details? Please check out the website of Instructors Academy www.instructorsacademy.com

AFF Skydiving Courses with Grzegorz Kucharczyk Iwan in the Polish Language, kurs AFF po polsku z Iwanem.

Więcej informacji tutaj: http://www.skokiwhiszpanii.pl/kursy-aff

On monthly basis: please contact us for more information and dates !

Skydive Spain skydiving calendar 2016/2017, please contact us before booking your flight!